Vietnam: Hoi An - day 3. After spending two days getting tailor made clothes and spending time with our lovely friends for the last time on this trip me and Anna did some sightseeing in this lovely town as well. In the evening we took the nightbus to Mui Ne, even though we got stuck in the mountains and Nha Trang first.

Vietnam: Hanoi - back in town. Spent the last day in Hanoi sightseeing with Anna and visiting the Ho Chi Minh museum. In the evening we took the night-train to Hoi An together with Lisa, Nikki, Brent, Kevin and Justin.

Vietnam: Halong Bay - day 3. Time to head back to Hanoi. It was cold upon the deck until the sun and blue skies came out for the first time in days.
It had been a wonderful trip, mostly thanks to Anna, Lisa, Nikki, Dominick, Tom, Dan, Kevin, Brent, Justin and the rest.
(No. 1, 2, 3 taken by Anna, edited by me. 6 and 10 by Stu, edited by me)

Vietnam: Halong Bay - day 2. Anna.
Vietnam: Halong Bay - day 2. We were taken to Cast Away Island around noon and on the secluded beach we spent time playing volleyball, ping-pong, discovering the beach and hugging a lot. Me and Anna also had our 20th anniversary celebration in the evening before coming up with the perfect movieplot together with Dan and Dominick. (No. 8, 14, 15 taken by Anna, edited by me)

Vietnam: Halong Bay - day 1. After spending two nights in Hanoi we went to Halong Bay with our new found friends. The first night was spent on a boat filled with laughter and not very much sleep. (Picture 5 taken by Anna, edited by me)


Vietnam: Hanoi - day 2. The first evening in Hanoi was spent having beers and making new friends. The next day Anna, Lisa, Nikki, Brent and myself took a stroll around the Old Town of Hanoi.


Laos: Vientiane. After spending one night in Vientiane we decided to do some sightseeing and visited both That Luang - The Golden Temple and Patouxay - Victory Gate of Vientiane. Afterwards we got on a bus and spent the next 22 hours travelling to Hanoi - Vietnam.

Laos: On our way to Vang Vieng and in Vang Vieng. Beautiful landscapes that convinced me that Laos is one of the most beautiful countries I've ever been to.