On Sunday me and my mom decided to take a trip to Fjärilshuset. We stumbled across so many beautiful butterflies and flowers and the cutest koifishes I've ever seen. It was warm and moist like in a real rainforest so afterwards we took a walk around Haga in the refreshing summer breeze.


A few weeks back my mom came down from the north to spend a month with me. This Saturday we decided to go to Skansen, an old tradition of ours.
It was one the hottest days so far so most of the animals hid in the shade. Therefore instead of watching them, we took a stroll to the old grocery store from the 30's and bought raspberry soda and vanilla buns at the old bakery. Then we went to see the seals and they always make me want to swim.

I was just thinking, I've seen that I have gotten quite a lot of visitors recently but no one really leaves a mark so I know you've been here. Don't hesitate to leave a comment, because I would really love that and to know who you are!

Matilda - The last night in Gothenburg, reading one of the best books ever; "Just Kids" by Patti Smith.


Gothenburg - Day 5. After the lunch we continued to the Botanical Garden where it was so peaceful and beautiful. We went through the Valley of Rhododendrons and sat down underneath the Dove Tree that was in blossom before Malin and Ismael came and we shared the giant cinnamon-roll I had bought in Haga.


Gothenburg - Day 5. Sunday and the day after the concert and I was still in a euphoric state of mind. Still are by the way. We decided to meet up with Anna in Haga to have a nice lunch before taking the tram to the Botanical Garden.

Gothenburg - Day 4. Not a lot of pictures taken this day, had way to much fun to remember the camera. We spent the first part of the day at Andra Långdagen, had a picnic with a beautiful view over Gothenburg and later that evening it was finally time for Håkan Hellström, the main reason I went there in the first place. If the concert in November had been euphoric, well then this one was beyond measure.

Excited to spend the evening with Håkan Hellström and 20 000 screaming fans.


Gothenburg - Day 3. On Friday morning Sara and Malin came down to Gothenburg as well. Unfortunately, together with Anna, they all had to stay inside and study. So I headed out in the beautiful summer weather and explored the city in my own. Later that evening we went down to a river close by Anna's home and had a lovely picnic with Monica Zetterlund, Trivial Pursuit from '95, dessert wine and lots of baked goods.


Gothenburg - Day 1 & 2. On Wednesday evening the train from Stockholm rolled in to Gothenburg Station and my friend William came to pick me up. The next day we had brunch at Egg & Milk and did a little window shopping before returning home to William where we had tea and I watched him being creative. Later the same day I took the tram to my friend Anna and we spent the evening watching my favourite documentary about my favourite Patti Smith.


Today I came back after spending five days in Gothenburg. On Sunday we went strolling around the botanic garden and I caught up with Matilda who was waiting by the rhododendron.


Had a great time up north with these ladies. More pictures to come but first I'm gonna have a great time in Gothenburg. (Source: My iPhone)