Spent both Friday and Saturday of last week to celebrate my birthday with the closest. Lovely! (Sara has taken some of the photos)


Stockholm, March 2011, a sold-out Debaser Medis and in centre of all attention, the one and only; Adele.


Today my darling grandmother would have turned 94. She used to be quite a gorgeous lady.


A simpler life, a simpler time, a better season.


Winter days sure can be beautiful, but I still hope that spring is just around the corner. But isn't it always in one way?


While I was up north spending Christmas at my mom's, we took a day trip to the Jukkasjärvi Icehotel. I haven't been there since I was five so it almost felt like I had never been there at all. It was extremely cold inside but oh so beautiful. Next time, however, I plan on bringing better photo equipment and warmer clothes. We finished of the tour with a warming vodka-drink in the bar completely made of ice.