Yesterday Karoline and myself put on our favourite sailor-outfits and made our way to Hovet for the best concert we have ever been to (and we have both been to MANY concerts in our lives). If I can only choose one word to describe the evening we shared with Håkan Hellström and 9000 other screaming fans it would probably be EUPHORIA!

Håkan Hellström - Hovet set-list


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A few weeks ago me and my mom went to Öregrund to visit my brother and his girlfriend. They live in one of the cutest smalltowns on the east coast I have ever been to.


The tiny place in the most northern part of Sweden where my mother lives is one of the most beautiful places in the world. In the summer the sun never really sets, the water is crystal-clear, the reindeer's run free and the dragonflies can grow big thanks to the unlimited amount of mosquitoes. I love it!


Dinner at Malin's place. We were all a bunch of cry-babies while spending time with Matilda, even though she is in Berlin.

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Popaganda festival 2010. Spent the last weekend before the summer died with Karoline, Kristina and Sofia amongst others at the Popaganda festival. After waiting several years I finally got to see Belle & Sebastian and The Magic Numbers live in concert. It was truly a wonderful weekend. Now it's fall.
(Some of the photos I took for festivalinfo.se)


Karoline and the Florell sisters.


Laos - Mekong River, november 2009. I wouldn't mind being there right now...


A few years ago, in 2005 to be exact, we had just graduated from sixth-form college and was free to do whatever we wanted. We chose to spend a month travelling through Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Czech Republic. I would be lying if I said it feels like yesterday, however I do remember almost every single step of the way.