Seven years ago, and this spring so many of my friends have been there. But not me, not this spring, not now. But one day, I'll be back on the streets of Paris.


Crappy quality...don't really know what happened there.... Better to watch it here instead; http://www.flickr.com/photos/ulrikaevakarolina/


This reminds me of them...


A few weeks back it was time to finally sit outside and enjoy a drink for the first time this year. And yes, I am now one of those iPhoners who occasionally upload a hipstamatic-print.


Valborg 2011 in Uppsala; Breakfast by Fyrisån containing of champagne, baguettes, brie, chevré, strawberries and white-water rafting. The rest of the day can be summoned with Spice Girls, Veronica Maggio, Queen, kir, wine and dance, dance, dance. (Some photos taken by Anna, edited by me)


This weekend I took the train to Uppsala to celebrate Valborgsmässoafton in a very traditional way. On Friday, however, we started off by celebrating Kvalborg.