I know I posted this like a year ago but when it's cold outside and full of snow, all I wanna do is take a look at this, remember South East Asia and wait for summer.



Longing for spring... And this makes the feeling stronger.


Looking back on what music I've been listening during 2010 I figured I would also post some more photos from last year. 2010 started with beautiful winter days that I captured from my bedroom window. Frida came to town and so did Lisa. We had the first icecream of the year on the first day of spring and celebrated a traditional Swedish Easter with her. After that I realised it was time to cut my old festival wristbands off and so I did with a little help from my friends. In April I went up north and visited some of my favourite people in the whole world. When I got back I spent Valborg in Uppsala with Anna and some of her favourite people.

And the music I listened to the most where according to last.fm;
1. She & Him
2. Håkan Hellström
3. Kent
4. Kings of Convenience
5. Laura Marling
6. Françoise Hardy
7. Patti Smith
8. Oskar Linnros
9. jj
10.Fleet Foxes
11.Kings of Leon
13.Joel Alme
14.Lily Allen
15.Monica Zetterlund

Not very surprising...

And it turned in to summer, my orchids looked beautiful in the evening sun, I spent midsummer with lovely people and the day after I danced to Kitty, Daisy and Lewis live at Berns. Summer nights were spent with close friends and I read "Just kids" every chance I got, wishing I lived an exciting life like Patti Smith. Four out of the five came and ate sundaes at my place before we dressed up for Malins birthday. I spent my vacation up north were I cruised around Älvsbyn with Charlotte before attending my very first wedding, both as guest and wedding photographer when my lovely Linnea married her Roger. I went dancing with Karoline, was persuaded to put up a photo of mine at an exhibition and spent some more time with my friends. Before I knew it autumn was here and so was my mom. It got colder and we spent Halloween in Norrtälje and made a Christmas card for Anna (more of this to come). That pretty much raps up 2010 and here are the 50 songs I listened to the most.


This year I spent Christmas at my mom's place and got to experience a real winter with minus 30°C (minus 22°F). Anyone who complains about winter, probably just haven't been exposed to real winter weather. It is beautiful, peaceful... just amazing really.


Long time no see. New Years started with a three-course dinner at my place before we fought our way through the snow to watch the fireworks at Västebron. After that we went to Odenplan where we partied until 8 o'clock in the morning.

Matilda brought English Christmas crackers.