Looking back on what music I've been listening during 2010 I figured I would also post some more photos from last year. 2010 started with beautiful winter days that I captured from my bedroom window. Frida came to town and so did Lisa. We had the first icecream of the year on the first day of spring and celebrated a traditional Swedish Easter with her. After that I realised it was time to cut my old festival wristbands off and so I did with a little help from my friends. In April I went up north and visited some of my favourite people in the whole world. When I got back I spent Valborg in Uppsala with Anna and some of her favourite people.

And the music I listened to the most where according to last.fm;
1. She & Him
2. Håkan Hellström
3. Kent
4. Kings of Convenience
5. Laura Marling
6. Françoise Hardy
7. Patti Smith
8. Oskar Linnros
9. jj
10.Fleet Foxes
11.Kings of Leon
13.Joel Alme
14.Lily Allen
15.Monica Zetterlund

Not very surprising...


  1. hur har jag kunnat missa alla dessa? fantastiskt fin på mig och lisa! fantastiskt fina alla faktiskt..

  2. fast egentligen är min favvis den på lisa trädgården. amazing!

  3. Fasen vad heta vi är och vi ser inte alls porriga ut :)