And it turned in to summer, my orchids looked beautiful in the evening sun, I spent midsummer with lovely people and the day after I danced to Kitty, Daisy and Lewis live at Berns. Summer nights were spent with close friends and I read "Just kids" every chance I got, wishing I lived an exciting life like Patti Smith. Four out of the five came and ate sundaes at my place before we dressed up for Malins birthday. I spent my vacation up north were I cruised around Älvsbyn with Charlotte before attending my very first wedding, both as guest and wedding photographer when my lovely Linnea married her Roger. I went dancing with Karoline, was persuaded to put up a photo of mine at an exhibition and spent some more time with my friends. Before I knew it autumn was here and so was my mom. It got colder and we spent Halloween in Norrtälje and made a Christmas card for Anna (more of this to come). That pretty much raps up 2010 and here are the 50 songs I listened to the most.

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  1. Bilden på dig med det upprullade hjåret och ögonfransarna som är så vämålade, är otroligt fin.